Multimedia Infotainment System developed by Naza Auto Solutions (Asia) Sdn Bhd is a it’s a high-tech system and the most popular and trendy in this century.

There’s three KIA models equipped with this Multimedia Infotainment System with diferrence platform which is KIA Cerato, Kia Sorento UM (Windows CE Platform) and Kia Rio Sedan (Android Platform).

This technology comes with the various application which is Navigation, Bluetooth, Radio, Music, DVD, Video, Link-Pod E-Link etc.

E-Link is the latest application which is Adroid USB on the Multimedia Infotainment System with an innovation platform that comprehensively manages underlying communications between the device and the car. Simply connect any E-Link-enabled smartphone to any E-Link-enabled vehicle, and take advantage of easier and more responsible access to navigation, music and phone apps while driving. The apps run on the smartphone, can be seen through the monitor display and hear the audio via the car’s speakers. Kindly activate the bluetooth on the smartphone and connect with audio Bluetooth. Otherwise, the sound is available on the phone only.

This system is compatible for selected Adroid phone version 4.4.2 up to version 6.0 only. Noteworthy that the system is NOT APPLICABLE FOR IOS SYSTEM. Kindly click the "Phone List" button to view a list of Android phone that a compatible with the System: