One of the essential skills that is at upmost importance to every driver is to know how to change the flat punctured tires of their vehicles. The important tools used for changing flat tires are mainly scissor jacks or hydraulic jacks to raise the vehicle whereas impact wrenches are for loosening and tightening the lug nuts or bolts. One of the downsides of these tools is that they are operated manually and therefore using it definitely requires more time and energy.

Nowadays, technological advancement has brought upon a new line of car tire changing tools operated via a 12 volts electrical power alone. 12V Electric
Car Jack has a mechanism similar to any other scissor jacks, but having the advantage to run using electricity. An electric car jack combines both mechanical and electrical energy to function. Just by using a remote control the electric jack can be operated to raise or lower the vehicles significantly.
The motor is turned by the 12 volts DC electrical energy. The advantage of this piece of tool is that it produces minimum force per turn than manual jack, whereas the rate of turns is much more stable and rapid.

Conventional ways of changing tires are probably the worst job for car owners. An electric car jack can make it simple and saves a massive amount of time and energy. Only need to do is to plug in the car jack cable to the cigarette lighter port and provide sufficient torque to raise the vehicle without any manual labour.

Basically an electric car jack is a unique piece of tool. When you compare electric car jacks with manual jacks they vary significantly in force ratio. The force ratio is simply the difference between input and output forces.
The manual jacks require more torque/ input force and less turns to raise a vehicle. This job is done manually. On the other hand, electric car jacks require less torque / input force and more turns to raise a vehicle. The rate of turns of the motor in an electric jack is much faster than manual turns by hand. This bargain is well worth for many as tire changing jobs are done effortlessly with the aid of an electric car jack. The only manual job that is involved is to carry the flat tire and replacing it in the trunk with the new one.

An electric car jack lifting capacity varies according to the models. By far, there are electric jacks that can lift vehicles up to 2 tonnes within approximately 60 seconds. The lifting range is 12 cm to 35 cm. It is ideal for compact and sedan cars. It does not consume a lot of space. It comes in a strong blow moulded black storage box. All these features that are present in an electric jack can make one believe that it may be expensive. But the truth is that it is not as expensive as one may think because it is worth it to have as “tyre puncture” can happen anytime, anywhere and any condition.

Before making a purchase it is important to decide the weight of your vehicle as the electric jacks will only work for specific weights example 2 Tonnes. It is also very important to ask passengers to get down from the car before using the electric car jack.

It can be done easily.  Saves your time and your energy. It can withstands high pressure / load. The motor needs much less rotations per minute but produces higher force/torque per revolution. Comes with a one year warranty with quality.